Who We Thought They Were (Maybe): CBLoL 2015 Quarterfinals In Review

Brazil’s first split of CBLoL 2015 returned on March 21, with two eagerly-anticipated quarterfinal matches: paiN Gaming vs. Dexterity Team, and CNB e-Sports Club vs. KaBuM! e-Sports Black.

The former played out as expected, with paiN Gaming stepping up to thoroughly outclass Dexterity Team, the latter of which many did not expect to win a game throughout the regular season. Meanwhile, KaBuM! e-Sports Black showed off their mid-game teamfighting, earning a surprising 2-0 victory over the favored CNB e-Sports Club.


brTT and Dioud Answer Fate’s Call

In their ill-fated Week 3 set against KaBuM! e-Sports Black, paiN Gaming put their AD carry, Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves on Kalista. This was paired with support Hugo “Dioud” Padioleau’s first competitive outing on Annie. While both looked comfortable on their respective champions individually, their synergy was shaky at best, and cost paiN a crucial teamfight in the lower river when the two mistimed their ultimates. PaiN would revisit Kalista again in Week 6 against Dexterity Team, this time placing Dioud on Blitzcrank, with disastrous results.

A different story unfolded on Saturday during their quarterfinals match against Dexterity. Opting to give the Kalista/Annie combination another try, brTT and Dioud shone, able to take advantage of their kill potential both in and out of lane. Aided by excellent jungle pressure from Thúlio “SirT” Carlos, the two synchronized Fate’s Call and Summon: Tibbers excellently, using the combination to counter-initiate and turn disadvantageous situations in their favor. While the star of their matches was indubitably top laner Whesley “Leko” Holler on Hecarim, brTT and Dioud’s newfound coordination speaks volumes of where paiN can develop from this point onward.


The Evolution of SkyBart

Aside from a brief substitution stint on Keyd Stars in the offseason, top laner Mateus “SkyBart” Neves arrived on KaBuM! e-Sports Black as a young solo queue player with no competitive experience. Known as an Irelia player, he was quick to show his prowess on both the Will of the Blades and Jax. However, aside from one fantastic Gnar game – after which, the champion was banned away from him in Black’s next two matches – the depth of his champion pool remained suspect.

Quickly identified as an potentially easy target by opponents, SkyBart often dealt with multiple uninvited guests in his lane throughout the regular season, even with adequate warding. All of those regular season weeks with a permanent target on his back paid off this weekend, as SkyBart used the CBLoL Quarterfinals to host his coming out party on AD Fizz.

In spite of donating early kills in both matches, SkyBart showcased an impressive understanding of his individual advantages. He quickly solo-killed his opponent, CNB’s Franklin “Aoshi” Coutinho, twice, through recognition of his champion’s power spikes. SkyBart ended up with a combined 15/6/20 over the course of Black’s set against CNB e-Sports Club, proving that, while “camp SkyBart” may still be part of his opponents’ gameplans, it likely won’t keep the carry top down for long.


This is Not the Patch You’re Looking For

Lauded for their preparation and near-flawless champion select from coach Thiago “Djokovic” Maia, CNB e-Sports Club has used the regular CBLoL season to carve out a name for themselves as an objective-focused and deliberate team.

While AD carry Rodrigo “Kalec” Rodrigues continued to bear the brunt of team criticism for positioning errors in teamfights, CNB’s overall pace and movement was oddly disjointed throughout the weekend. Unable to control the pace in their matches against KaBuM! Black, and Dexterity, CNB’s deliberate style was conspicuously absent, with the team seemingly uncomfortable on Patch 5.5, relying on comfort picks like Lee Sin that were no longer as effective on the new patch.

After a rough start in their set against Dexterity – determining which team would fall into the dreaded sixth-place position, thereby bound for the relegation tournament – CNB fought valiantly back, eventually earning their spot in the next CBLoL split. These victories still looked nothing like the calculating CNB squad that performed so well throughout the season, often devolving into awkward skirmishes from both teams. Now guaranteed a place in the upcoming second stage, CNB must spend their off-season finding a new AD carry and mid, as both Kalec and mid laner Lucas “Electro” Dal Prá announced that they would be leaving the team.