Snapshots Episode 2 – Jacob “Arkanum” Santos

This is the second episode of the Snapshots interview series hosted by Dave Throop featuring Jacob “Arkanum” Santos of Noble Black. Snapshots is a video interview series dedicated to letting players tell the story of their career. Come listen as they begin at the very beginning of their gaming journey and hear their outlook on the future. Time-stamps are located below the video. Thank you to Arkanum and Noble Black, follow them on social media as well as Dave and Paravine for future episodes:

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0:33 Introduction to gaming/halo
2:47 Introduction to competitive halo
5:16 First Event – Charlotte 2007
7:20 Orlando 2007
9:54 An average pro? Networking among pros
13:20 Halo 3
15:14 2010-2011
17:44 Halo Reach
19:42 Halo 4 – Hiatus
22:55 Elumnite
23:38 Figuring out Networking
24:42 Best teammate ever? Who taught you the most?
26:00 Play based on strategy or feel?
29:31 Thoughts on Coaches/ Analysts? Parents Support
36:42 Iron Games Columbus
37:45 UGC St. Louis
40:48 Adding APG to Noble Black
42:27 Thoughts on current Noble Black
47:09 Thoughts on MCC/H2A
49:18 Thoughts on Halo 5 Beta
51:25 Favorite Tournament?
52:55 Could Neighbor come back?
53:40 Favorite Team you were on?
54:40 Favorite Map and Gametype? Favorite game from the series?
56:14 Defining “nerdy”
56:52 Into any other esports?
59:14 Best player of all time? Best player at a given point in time?
1:01:28 Thoughts on recent changes announced for HCS
1:04:30 Build a team
1:05:56 Shout-outs/Closing