Snapshots Episode 1 – Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

This is the first episode of the Snapshots interview series hosted by Dave Throop featuring Tyler “Ninja” Blevins of Cloud9. Snapshots is a video interview series dedicated to letting players tell the story of their career. Come listen as they begin at the very beginning of their gaming journey and hear their outlook on the future. Time-stamps are located below the video. Thank you to Ninja and Cloud9, follow them on social media as well as Dave and Paravine for future episodes:

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0:41 Introduction to gaming/ halo
3:31 Intorduction to competitive play
7:22 First Event – Columbus 2009
8:58 1v1 Orlando 2009 Finals
13:57 First Pro Finish – Dallas 2010
17:13 Playing on Final Boss – Halo Reach
19:27 Why more successful in Reach?
22:18 Halo 4 – Dallas Exhibition
24:57 Rest Of Halo 4
28:40 Cloud9 LAN events
33:28 Cloud9 Online Events
37:40 Playstyle?
40:30 Thoughts on H2A gameplay
41:44 Thoughts on H5 Beta
47:00 Favorite teammates
49:37 Favorite map of all time? favorite gametype?
55:20 Best player of all time? Best player at a given point in time?
57:09 Into any other eSports?
1:00:29 Streaming Success
1:04:09 Could Halo get back to its old popularity?
1:05:35 Build a team
1:08:16 Shout outs and Closing