PDD on bench and Invictus Gaming recruits a toplaner from Korea

Update 3: Korean sources have stated that YongSu knows Chinese and this is probably the major reason as to why he was picked up over possibly stronger Korean applicants

The most wealthy organization in Chinese League of Legends today announced that they would be replacing Liu “PDD” Mou today and with YongSu “YongSu” Gwon from Mook Comet.  The transition will take place from the Demacia Cup onwards and this seems to be a permanent roster change, however we have not confirmed this quite yet.  However, the inven post does state that YongSu is in the Invictus Gaming house already.

Update 1:  Sources have stated that XiaoXiao has confirmed that PDD has retired on a OGN cast so the transition seems pretty permanent.

Update 2: PDD has stated that he is not retiring but rather benched due to health problems




“‘If there’s any day that I’m leaving the scene, the news will only come from iG or myself'”

PDD was most notably known as one of the best toplaners in China during the 2013 League of Legends Season and was elected (albeit due to the max 3 players from a single team rule) to represent China at All Stars 2013.  However, he seemed to have hit a massive slump in Season 4 and has been one of the sore points of iG’s season.  Furthermore, his aggressive antics have made him unpopular in the international League of Legends community.

Invictus Gaming will be the second team to recruit Korean players after Starhorn announced that they would be picking up Zero and Insec.

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Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=111630&iskin=esports