European LCS Coverage Thread – Day 1 – Week 7



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Alliance vs. Supa Hot Crew

Alliance comes into this game with only two losses on the season. Supa Hot Crew has shown
remarkable ability this season, showing top teams they are a team to be reckoned with and are
currently tied for 4th place with Spring season champions Fnatic. Supa Hot Crew have shown
signs of brilliance, with the spotlight often changing positions between MrRalleZ and SELFIE
as their two shining stars. But they will both need to show up in the spotlight if they want
to take down Alliance.

Alliance: Alliance is on a five game winning streak, not giving up a game since their
week 4 loss to Gambit. All players have shown incredible versatility and improvement. The
team’s cohesion seems to be the highest it has ever been. Can anyone stop Alliance now? That
remains to be seen, but nobody can argue that Alliance is currently the best team in Europe.

Supa Hot Crew: Supa Hot Crew have shown incredible improvement since the Spring Split,
even after going through two supports. Having now played with kaSing (Yerrow) for two weeks,
the team has hopefully acclimated him to their playstyle and MrRalleZ. Mimer has been a
solid, consistent rock in the top lane, while SELFIE and Impaler have shown that they are
capable of competing with the best. Combined with their newly acquired coach, Supa Hot Crew
are looking like they have really put in the effort to become a top team.

Wickd and Mimer
These two players are remarkably similar. They rarely put up big numbers for their team (save
for Mimer’s insane 13/2/5 display on Kayle in week 5 against the Copenhagen Wolves), but they
are incredibly versatile in their picks and playstyles. We all know Wickd’s Irelia, but his
Shyvanna, Renekton, and Kayle have also been incredibly consistent. He does not put up huge
numbers, but conversely does maintain a 5.0 KDA, which is topped only by Mimer’s 5.5 KDA.
These players know how to contribute to their team while minimizing their risk, and for this
reason we can expect minimal kills and deaths and high assist numbers from these two this

Key Picks
Shyvanna, Kayle, Lulu, Renekton

Shook and Impaler
Shook’s controlled aggression has helped define Alliance’s deadly nature this split. A key
part of Alliance’s playmaking, Shook is the one creating opportunities for his team in the
early stages of each game. Impaler, on the other hand, has not had more kills than deaths in
a game since week 2 of this Summer Split. While both junglers play the role of setting up
their key carries, there is something to be said for Shook’s ability to minimize his death
count throughout the season. His 4.1 KDA is significantly higher than Impaler’s 2.6. Expect
Lee Sin to be a key pick here, as both players (Shook in particular) default to Lee Sin not
only for his mobility and initiation potential, but also because of the increased vision and
map control that comes from picking up a Sightstone. Shook should be the dominant force here
given backup from his solo lanes.

Key Picks
Lee Sin, Evelynn, Elise

Froggen and SELFIE
The showdown in the midlane will be the one to watch for sure. In one corner, we have
Froggen, the long-hailed king of Europe, who has looked spectacular this season on a wide
variety of champions. In the other corner, we find SELFIE, the newcomer, has been lackluster
since his entrance onto Supa Hot Crew. In the past three weeks, SELFIE has had one standout
game, which was his week six Yasuo performance that yielded an 8/0/5 KDA. SELFIE’s inability
to shine against other LCS midlaners bodes ill for his matchup against Froggen, who has shown
himself to be incredibly consistent, putting up a stellar 7.8 KDA overall this season. This
discrepancy in stats is reflective of each player’s gameplay; Froggen makes the plays, while
SELFIE has struggled to produce results for his team. With Shook backing him up, Froggen
should dominate this matchup handily. But if SELFIE can show some of the flashy plays he made
when he first joined Supa Hot Crew, we can expect an exciting matchup in the midlane.

Key Picks
Yasuo, Twisted Fate, Kassadin

Tabzz + Nyph and MrRalleZ + kaSing

Tabzz has been the darling of the LCS this split, with a monstrous 7.8 KDA and the week six
MVP award to his name. The progress Tabzz and Nyph have made this year is monstrous; they
have become a bot lane for every team to fear. Tabzz prefers long-range poke champions such
as Caitlyn and Lucian, and Nyph’s versatility on a variety of support champions makes the
pair a major threat in any game. MrRalleZ and kaSing have had decent results since their
pairing, with MrRalleZ sticking to Lucian when he can and kaSing showcasing his Braum and
Nami play. Their short time together is a major reason why they are the underdogs in this
matchup; Tabzz and Nyph have had close to eight months to solidify their teamwork and become
a dangerous bot lane. MrRalleZ will need to get a comfort pick in Lucian or Twitch to excel
here, but all signs point to Tabzz and Nyph having a greater impact in this game.

Key Picks
Lucian, Twitch, Caityin


Alliance should obtain an early lead in this game from Shook’s playmaking prowess, but the
real test will be if Supa Hot Crew’s enhanced macro game focus from their coach LS can keep
up with the already proven map dominance of Alliance. Impaler will need to show up and
support his lanes when Shook and Froggen are roaming in order to stave off early leads for
Alliance. With Shook on a mobile jungler like Lee Sin or Evelynn however, this will prove
difficult as Alliance typically attacks quickly and aggressively when they engage fights and
objectives. Froggen’s ability to use his leads to his advantage will overpower SELFIE in the
midlane, and Tabzz will farm up powerfully until Alliance is able to steamroll through
objectives and a substantial lead.

Supa Hot Crew will put up a solid fight, but Alliance should take this one handily.