Infographic: The Korean Migration

Korean Map PV-Recovered2


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Red – Coach
Black – Player

HQ image:

Maknoon is not physically in Brazil, he will be coaching remotely from Korea

The above infographic is a list of all current significant transfers of Korean Soloq/Professional players to foreign teams.. Infographic is accurate as of 18 June 2014 00:00 CET time.

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  • Themurderin

    I like how you went to the trouble of highlighting only California in the US, but highlighted all of Brazil and all of China and made all the lines go to the center. I can’t decide if that’s a nod to the relative ignorance of the readership or the ignorance of the authors.

    • Paravine Network

      Our designer tried both and felt that this version looked better.

      • onionjuice

        that makes no sense lol

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