EDG announces a Korean bootcamp

In the face of increasingly tough competition and the addition of Korean players to several LPL teams, the defending champions EDG can’t afford to sit still.

The beginning of the LPL Summer Split saw the addition of  two Korean players to team WE and earlier this year Starhorn announced the acquisition of Insec and Zero, formally beginning the internationalization of the LPL teams.  Invictus Gaming also added  a Korean toplaner to replace the now retired PDD.

With their competition becoming even steeper than before with the addition of new Korean elements, the defending champions, EDG, cannot afford to sit still.  Even though the opportunity to acquire new team-members has passed, it appears that EDG may still be looking to acquire Korean talent in the form of a Korean coach.

The following recruitment ad was posted on the official EDG site, and it has been mentioned that the team already has plans for a Korean boot camp.


EDGKoreanTranslatorADTranslation below:

“EDG Is Looking For A Korean Translator

The growth and development of our club has made it necessary for us to find and employ a Korean translator.  Below is the job description and requirements.

1) Translate for the team during our Korean boot camp.

2) Translate Korean websites and information about Korean strategies.

3) If the team goes to the Season 4 World Championship, accompany and translate for the team.


1) Full time, we will not accept part time applicants

2) Must be capable of fulfilling the team’s requirements

3) Must have excellent Korean speaking and reading

4) Must be very familiar with League of Legends and capable of high level analysis.

5) Must be Male

Excellent Pay

We look forward to your application.  With your help we will become even stronger as a team.

Contact information: [email protected]  In your self introduction, please do your best to describe your talents and work experience so that we may make the most informed decision possible.  Your application is very important to us.”

EDG clearly recognizes the need to adapt to the recent influx of Korean talent in the LPL.  Their plans to hire a translator and hold a boot camp in Korea show that they’re willing to go the extra mile to hold on their title, which raises the question will they go even further and hire a Korean coach to help them understand and play against the strategies brought to their competition by Korean players?  Perhaps hiring a translator is only the beginning.

Source: Netease Games

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  • kmahn

    Call me a feminist but “must be male”? Why lol (p.s. I’m a dude, I just don’t see why a woman who meets the requirements would not be able to get the job.)

    • kyle

      Simply put it is because you don’t 5-15 men living in a house with one women. It’s just unhealthy and not conducive for them in terms of practice. You have 5 players + analyst + coaching staff etc. Then you have one random female translator who would be living with the team so they are looking for a translator who can double as a coach, which means live in, which means you need a separate bathroom etc for the female.

    • http://whitehouse.com What Ping Will I Get

      damn son, too simple,. man are horny, they cant concentrate when they see woman, thats why LMQ is so bad right now. sharon is too hot

      • kmahn