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League of Legends is tremendously popular at the moment. League of Legends has changed from just being a game to now being considered a sport. Even though Korea is considered to be the best region at the moment, it all started in North America and Europe.

And now, a Korean player has managed to join North America’s top tier tournament, the LCS. That player is called Seraph. Seraph has played in Najin Shield before, and even though he only played a single game in OGN,  one game was enough to catch people’s attention.

Inven was able to interview Seraph through a messenger. Here is Seraph, the first Korean player to make it into the NA LCS.


Q. First of all congratulations on making it onto a prestigious LoL team, CLG. 

Seraph: It’s my first time living overseas and I learn new things everyday. Since CLG already already made it in to the NA LCS, I will put on a good performance to reflect that. I am practicing very hard every day.


Q. Did you have a hard time getting used to the new environment?

Seraph: Actually when I first arrived at the CLG gaming house, nobody except for Aphromoo was there because of All-stars and personal vacations. I thought it would be hard settling in when there was only one guy in the house, but he helped me out a lot. But it wasn’t just Aphromoo, CLG’s coaching staff and their manager also helped me a lot so I settled in with no problems.


Q. I want to know how you got to join CLG.

Seraph: I was browsing Inven and I read a post saying that CLG was looking for a top-laner. I was already out of Najin when I was reading that, and I didn’t have any thoughts of going pro again. However as soon as I read the post I got the urge to try again.

Foreign teams however seem to pick their players privately not publicly. So because of that, I didn’t know how I should apply for CLG. I sent an email to CLG and I didn’t get a reply. I asked my brother for advice and he told me to go meet and talk with Montecristo directly at an OGN game.

Coincidentally Najin Shield’s quarterfinals match were happening as well, so I decided to go. After the games ended, I told Monte that I wanted to try out for CLG. A few days later, I tried out for CLG at Monte’s house for about two days. A week after tryouts, I left Korea to go to the CLG house in LA.


Q. Were there any disagreements from your family about a pro career overseas?

Seraph: My family recommends that I try out anything I wish  to do. So instead of disagreeing, they encouraged me and gave me a lot of advice. I am very thankful to my family.


Q. How is the team getting along? (Synergy wise)

Seraph: Well, the current top meta is a teleport meta. Communication is crucial in this meta so it’s true that it’s a little hard for me right now. It’s been four months since I’ve left Najin, and the lane-swap meta then and the lane-swap meta now has changed a lot, so I am at the stage where I need to practice a lot to catch up.

The hardest person to communicate with is Dexter. The jungler and top-laner needs precise coordination, but since Dexter has a German accent it’s hard to understand him in scrims (laughs). But when I duo with him in ranked we have no problems.

Even though communication is an issue, we get along really well in game. For example we tower dive without even communicating and we do it perfectly. Sometimes when I duo with Dexter we even get the tier-two tower by eleven minutes in challenger. We get along that nicely.


Q. You are still pretty new here, but what’s the hardest thing about living in the US?
Seraph: I thought I’d miss Korean food a lot, but there is a Korean mart five minutes away. So food wise I have no problem. However I am kind of sick of eating meat all day. I need to eat some vegetables as well, but I’m not very good at cooking (laughs).


Q. LCS Summer split starts next week. Are there any teams or player you want to face?

Seraph: I want to play against TSM. I had my eyes on TSM’s top laner Dyrus for quite a long time. He always gets his job done in any situation (Always fulfills at least one man’s work). Honestly NA’s top laners don’t have very good mechanics. However Dyrus plays out his lane very intelligently. He knows how to keep a CS gap between him and the enemy laner.

Because I’ve only been a pro gamer for a short time I can’t show my skills 100%. And because communicating with the team is hard I need to practice harder and prepare more.


Q.  Please give a short message to the fans

Seraph: I apologize for saying bad things on my stream a few days ago. I failed a promo because someone stalked me on stream and I also lost a few games because people trolled me because I’m an Asian. I tried to keep my rage inside, but it just suddenly burst out. It’s all my fault, and because of that I will be much more careful from now on.

I think joining CLG was a very good opportunity for me. Because I was able to grasp onto a great opportunity like this, I will try hard so that I never lose hold of it. I will practice  and practice so I get to come back to Korea as a World Championship player. Thank you for all the support. Thank you!


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  • Solomonarius

    I wonder what the current Korean top meta is, since Seraph seems to make the distinction regarding NA’s teleport meta.

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